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It is the Timor Foundation’s mission to empower the Timorese people to reconstruct and develep their country in accordance with their needs and expectations. The key for a life in dignity will be education and health.
To achieve this goal, the Foundation is developing projects to provide the local people with training and education. Each project is supported by international partners who intend to establish a business in Timor-Leste and who therefore are, in the medium to long term, dependent on local and educated workforce.
For this goal, the Timor Foundation combines national and international partners. With this concept, the Timor Foundation supports a sustainable and long-term development, which enhances the productivity of the country and creates employment.

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We thank you for your support and your help for the people of the beautiful Timor-Leste.

Help people to help themselves
Donate for the pottery
The Benedictine monk Pierre Hirt went to Timor-Leste, to teach apprentices the art of pottery. With his help, young people become the opportunity to preserve the traditional ceramic art of Timor Leste.
For. making this project successful, we now have to ship all the hardware and ovens from Switzerland to Timor Leste.

Thatfore, we would really appreciate your help, to make this project sustainable.
Drinking water for schools
More than 1,500 schools have no access to clean drinkable water. More than 100,000 students and children walk every day several hours to the schools and have no chance to be served with drinkable water.
For schools with water tanks or a water source, but still no access to clean drinkable water, we can offer our technology. In this moment we want make and bring a difference.
We would like to install water machines (TWM001 Light) from Trunz Water Systems Switzerland in several schools. With your support you help us to realize this project.

More than 1.5 Million people live in Timor-Leste whereof 35% have no access to clean drinking water. Although Timor Leste has abundant water supplies, the country currently relies on imported drinking water in plastic bottles (about 90%). This mainly affects the environment.
The Timor Foundation has set itself the goal of improving the living standards of people in the country, strengthening hygiene awareness, promoting entrepreneurship and protecting the environment.
In cooperation with Trunz Water Systems Switzerland the Timor Foundation wants to open several water shops. With the help of such a water shop, not only 4,000 students from one school, 3,000 patients from nearby hospitals, but also the population from neighboring villages will benefit from clean and inexpensive drinking water.
Furthermore, the Timor Foundation wants to use the watershops to offer training in the technical field (there is also a donation section for this project), create jobs and provide training in the field of health and hygiene.
The first successful watershop the Timor Foundation opened in December 2016 at the Canossa Comoro School serves as a pioneer of further independent water shops (read more about it here).
With your donation you help us to open new watershops.
Technician Training
Donate for a training for one local technician from Timor Leste at Trunz Water Systems in Switzerland. Less
Donate for a Business Training
With your donation you sponsor a management training for one water shop in Timor Leste. Less
Water machine for a village
With your donation you help us to install one water filtration machine in a hospital, a schools or a community in Timor Leste. Less
Donate for a service contract
With your help you sponsor for a service contract for one Trunz water Systems machines in schools and hospitals for one year. Less
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